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BroSports is hosted by a couple of beautiful idiot brothers from the Pacific Northwest. Like most Americans, they love football, movies, and boobs. If you’re hoping these morons will one day grow up, don’t hold your breath. With no real talent, they bought some computer mics from the dollar store and started recording themselves talk about sports and other random shit. Then something weird happened. People started listening. Really Cool is the oldest. Don’t let the name fool you. He’s an egocentric asshole that changes his mind every three minutes. And to make matters worse he’s a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. Idiot. He’s the main guy in charge. Whoever made that decision… bigger idiot. Thee Cartman is the baby. He’s a Packers fan and loudly and proudly hates anything cooler than himself. What’s cooler than Thee Cartman? Open a dictionary and point to any word at random. That is cooler than Thee Cartman. He believes he’s right about everything. And that’s pretty much all he’s got going for him so try not to spoil it. Individually, they’re the perfect example of what’s wrong with this country. But together, they’re magic. Straight up nasty freak show street magic. Enough magic to turn a couple 99 cent microphones into weapons of mass destruction, obliterating all common sense within a five block radius. Oh yeah… and they have this word that they throw around, “Brofessional.” Nobody knows what it means. But yes, it’s still cooler than Thee Cartman.

Stay Brofessional, Bitches