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Rajon Rondo: Where Will He Go?

The Boston Celtics’ superstar Rajon Rondo could be leaving Boston very soon, and for him, it is probably a good sign. The Celtics have started rebuilding their organization, and once rebuilding starts, it takes a few years to create a championship team. Champions aren’t built overnight, and Rajon Rondo does not plan to sit around and wait.

The young superstar has the mindset of becoming a champion every year, and he knows that being with the Celtics, he is not going to win a championship anytime soon. There is more in store for this young star rather than having one ring to build his legacy. It’s easy to see Rondo winning multiple championships as long as he signs with another team, which is exactly what he has on his mind.

Recently, after playing the Los Angeles Lakers, Rondo took it upon himself not to show up to the next game against the Sacramento Kings in order to celebrate his birthday. Rondo decided not to tell his organization about this mishap, which could result in the young superstar being released from the organization. This may seem like a bad thing, but it is exactly what Rajon Rondo is targeting.

It has been said that Rondo may sign with the Houston Rockets, which is highly likely, as they have what has been known as the best dynamic duo in the league with Dwight Howard, and James Harden. Rajon Rondo, James Harden, and Dwight Howard would be unstoppable by any team in the league. Rondo would make a good choice by going there. If he decides to not sign with the Rockets, it’s very mysterious on where he will land.

Rajon Rondo is out to win, and as long as he wins, he doesn’t care what team he plays with. The young superstar is out to have championship rings on his fingers and will do whatever it takes in order to win a championship. Being young and already having once championship only makes him that much hungrier. It looks as if Rondo will definitely be leaving the Boston Celtics to win a championship. The Celtics are still in the middle of rebuilding, and Rajon Rondo wants no part of it.

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